Anglican Church Caves to Big Oil

The U.S. had our own elections. No big scandals.

That’s over in the Anglican Church. Today they selected their new leader: the archbishop.

While “big oil” is always blamed for “owning” the Republicans … or the Democrats… depending on who is yelling, we find BIG OIL involved in the Anglican Church! 

Justin Welby, the bishop of Durham, was an oil executive before coming to the Church. 

Not only that, but bets were being placed early in the week as to the odds-on favorite for archbishop.


Why can’t they be as holy as the Egyptian Coptic Church? They let a blindfolded boy pull a name out of a hat. Now THAT is godly!

Back in the USA, we’ve elected a president. We have the same president, the same makeup of the House, the same general makeup of the Senate, spending $6 billion in the process to land right back where we were two years ago.

I feel as patriotic as Stephen Colbert. God bless America!




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