A beautiful articulation of faith and life

The interview is longer, but if you start at around 3:20, the guest, Dua Lipa, asks the host, Stephen Colbert, a question like she is interviewing him rather than him interviewing her. What I deeply admire about Colbert is his ability to articulate a deep answer on the spot. He even quotes literature on theContinue reading “A beautiful articulation of faith and life”

Anglican Church Caves to Big Oil

The U.S. had our own elections. No big scandals. That’s over in the Anglican Church. Today they selected their new leader: the archbishop. While “big oil” is always blamed for “owning” the Republicans … or the Democrats… depending on who is yelling, we find BIG OIL involved in the Anglican Church!  Justin Welby, the bishopContinue reading “Anglican Church Caves to Big Oil”