The Dream in My Heart

This particular article by Richard Stearns captures the dream that has been stirring in my heart. I only wish I had been able to find a way to act on the stirring as well as the pastor in the story.

But that dream is still there. I’ve known in my heart the shift that has been happening and I’ve known to prepare my church, but in the past two months the stirring I can’t get away from is this huge dream to “own” a country. I’ve been praying and asking about which particular country, but the dream is very much like this pastor’s dream. Change a nation. The how doesn’t even bother me. This story gives me some great ideas, and I’m grateful.

Yet this dreams bursts in my heart. Our church is called to change a nation. Another nation. Some would argue, “Why not THIS nation?” I can’t argue that. I just know I am called to pastor my city and “own” some nation somewhere. In the next 20 years some nation is going to be radically different because our church stepped up in prayer and action. Like this pastor did with Lesotho.

Help me dream. Help me ACT.

Lord, stir this up into reality.

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