A grievous loss

When Terri and I were moving from Minnesota to Alabama, part of our trip included an audiobook called The Anglican Way. It was a time in our lives of major shifts. A major move. Moving away from ministry into something that was a complete unknown. And knowing I was moving away from the denomination I was raised in and had been a minister for 30 years.

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Global Christianity

When we say we have “struggles” with Christianity, or more specifically “evangelical” Christianity, we may then make a mistake and then blame “the Church” as a whole. I come too close to that line far too often.

Tish Harrison Warren makes the case for global Christianity:

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The great help in centering my prayer

There are times when written prayers aid us in our personal prayers. It’s the great use of the Psalms.

I have found the Anglican Book of Common Prayer helpful in this aid and especially the Great Litany in times like these where my thoughts are scattered. Each part of the Great Litany becomes a starting point of meditation and centering prayer for me.

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The ordination

Today I will be prayed over, affirmed, and appointed as a vocational deacon in the Anglican Church in North America. These are oaths to which I give witness:

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Pentecost needs power

We celebrate Pentecost Sunday, but it feels like we commemorate Pentecost Sunday. We are figuratively limping into this day, which should be a day of celebration and calling out to God for a fresh outpouring of his Spirit.

Coronavirus has limited the ability to gather as a church. Our church will still be online this week. Then, the crushing news of the past several weeks should burden us on this day:

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