Why I Must be Prophetic

One of the tough lessons I am not learning very well over these past few years is the prophetic call of the Church. I can talk a good game, but I don’t act on it very well.

Confession time. I’m a political junkie. I try and avoid it here, but if you follow me on Facebook, I’m full of it. I am addicted to news. I’m not as addicted to talk radio, but I still read the news voraciously. My political opinions are fairly strong.

When I speak of the Church having a prophetic voice, I mean we should not tie ourselves to any political party. It’s easy for mainline churches to wag their fingers at conservatives for trying to hitch the evangelical wagon to the Republican Party. It’s not a lie. It’s the truth.

Yet, mainline churches consistently hitch their wagon to the Democratic Party and act sanctimonious. Give me a break. We’re all guilty as charged at some point in time!

That said, I used to have a belief that the voter had a voice. That belief has been eroding for the past several years. When I first moved to Minnesota, I could actually call my congressional representatives and get answers. Now, they won’t give me the time of day.

Here is why, and let’s be honest: I DON’T GIVE THEM ANY MONEY. If I did, it wouldn’t be in the range of say, MILLIONS of dollars. What it has come down to is this: If you don’t donate HEAVILY to a political cause, you have no voice. Period.

Today’s Supreme Court ruling only solidified that obvious fact. Make a note. Politicians will not even fake listening to “the people” anymore. They will make their appeals to corporations and labor unions. Why? Because those entities will have huge pots of money to throw at advertising to persuade us, the voters, as to who is right and who is wrong. It was stupid before. It’s about to get insane.

It’s sad for me, as an American. I used to call my congressional representatives with an expectation of being heard. Now, they don’t care. I can almost hear them filing their nails or checking their email while I am trying to talk to them about an upcoming vote. They don’t ask for my name, number, address, nothing.

So, I am being forced into the true understanding that we MUST act prophetically as the Church. It will matter so little in the shadow of the mountains of campaigns dollars being spent on advertising, but stand I must. Stand WE must, as the Church. We may not be heard, but that should not keep us from speaking if that is what the Lord is asking of us.

6 thoughts on “Why I Must be Prophetic

  1. What are you suggesting specifically? How does the Church take a stand on political issues?

    I clearly see the need for the Church to make a call for holy living, for giving to the poor and helping in the nitty-gritty situations of individual’s lives. Things like that. Am I on the right track?

  2. Yes. We make the call on specific issues, regardless of political affiliation, and let that stand be it. Like the Catholic Church, who will stand firm as a Church on pro-life AND pacifism, opposing our involvement in wars. It offends both sides of the spectrum, but they are taking stands consistent with their beliefs.

    1. Bonhoeffer had a quite a bit to say (and I’ve found his arguments persuasive and rather instructive…on a personal level) from both sides of the equation. His experience with the Church and it’s political voice during the rise of the National Socialist Party in the early and mid-thirties and his subsequent capture and imprisonment at the hands of the SS mark an interesting case study. I have yet to be persuaded that the Church should have a political voice. I’m more concerned that the church remains above the political fray and attempts to mold societal behavior through the daily activities of the living church (its members). It is an interesting topic…given Paul’s writing on the subject and our belief in God’s sovereignty…interesting indeed!

      1. Rex, I have always drawn from Bonhoeffer. His stance did get him killed, however. Being “above the fray” doesn’t make us safe. The prophetic voice is dangerous.

  3. I believe in protecting the defenseless which includes being against abortion but also using force when necessary when scores of people are being tortured and mudered. That doesn’t mean I agree with starting wars necessarily, but I don’t think pacifism is a rule. So we’re in a quagmire already. I like what Rex said. It sure is a tough one though.

  4. Dan, I too wrestle with thisissue – I too can get too invlolved on political opinions, I tend to be pretty conservative politically, yet I need the remeinder who it is I need to be most loyal too and to what cause I need to be devoted too. God and the Gospel. Like you said, Pastors need to annoy both sides.

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