The prophetic words of Abraham Herschel

“Prophecy is the voice that God has lent to the silent agony, a voice to the plundered poor, to the profaned riches of the world.” Anywhere injustice takes place, Heschel said, “few are guilty, but all are responsible.” We are all responsible for evil because only a world indifferent to suffering will tolerate injustice andContinue reading “The prophetic words of Abraham Herschel”

Where Now is the God of Elijah?

There is a quote that was famous in a couple of movies I’ve seen over the years. Turns out it’s from a book on “spirituality” by Marianne Williamson. The full quote is HERE. I am not trying to promote books like that, but the quote has one line that needs to be embedded in myContinue reading “Where Now is the God of Elijah?”

Evangelical “Right”, “Left”, “Center”…

Roger Olson has another thought-provoking piece on evangelicals and political movements. It’s always a tough read for me these days. What I witness too often are reactions. I grew up in the very conservative political movements of the “Moral Majority” and such. What I am witnessing today is a reaction that seems to say, “I don’tContinue reading “Evangelical “Right”, “Left”, “Center”…”

Being Hard Headed

It’s okay to be hard-headed! Hallelujah! Stubborn. Immovable. It’s biblical! 8 I’ve now hardened your face so that you can meet them head-on. 9 I’ve made your forehead like a diamond, harder than stone. Don’t be afraid of them or shrink away from them, because they are a household of rebels. (Ez. 3:8-9, CEB) AND, being hard-headed putsContinue reading “Being Hard Headed”

The God Who Answers By Fire

22 Elijah said to the people, “I am the last of the LORD’s prophets, but Baal’s prophets number four hundred fifty. 23 Give us two bulls. Let Baal’s prophets choose one. Let them cut it apart and set it on the wood, but don’t add fire. I’ll prepare the other bull, put it on theContinue reading “The God Who Answers By Fire”

Why I Must be Prophetic

One of the tough lessons I am not learning very well over these past few years is the prophetic call of the Church. I can talk a good game, but I don’t act on it very well. Confession time. I’m a political junkie. I try and avoid it here, but if you follow me onContinue reading “Why I Must be Prophetic”