The God Who Answers By Fire

22 Elijah said to the people, “I am the last of the LORD’s prophets, but Baal’s prophets number four hundred fifty. 23 Give us two bulls. Let Baal’s prophets choose one. Let them cut it apart and set it on the wood, but don’t add fire. I’ll prepare the other bull, put it on the wood, but won’t add fire. 24 Then all of you will call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of the LORD. The god who answers with fire—that’s the real God!”

   All the people answered, “That’s an excellent idea.” (1 Kings 18:22-24, CEB)

In some ways, when the people answer, “That’s an excellent idea,” you want to mutter under your breath, “Suckers.”

But for Elijah, one could easily mutter, “Are you an idiot?”

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook status: “Faith – Go out on a limb, then saw off the limb.”

One response was, “That’s not faith. It’s presumption.”

Good point.

This is where Elijah lived. Now he may have heard from God… but WE don’t know that. So it’s easy for us to stand back and think two things: “What a man of God!” or “What an idiot.”

We do not know. So, we can easily think the prophets of Baal have just taken a sucker bet because we see the end of the story.

But what about living where Elijah lived. To stand in that moment, confronted with a situation, and you “call your shot” in a way that just seems impossible.

What a man of God!”


What an idiot.”

There are those moments we should live in where we put ourselves out there, put God on the line and honestly in our spirits pray, “I sure hope I heard from God on this one.”

May God answer by fire.

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