Calling out the dream

This past weekend I called out the dreams of God in a way I’ve just never tried before. I declared completely irrational things that I can truly blame as “the anointing.” ūüėČ Besides that, I sensed a strong call from the Lord to speak out the dreams HE is giving me. It’s not my abilityContinue reading “Calling out the dream”

Can You Stand as a Prophetic Witness?

2 Kings 2 When Elijah and Elisha came to Bethel, a company of prophets came to greet them. Bethel was a place of rebellion. Jeroboam had set up one of the golden calves to lead Israel from the worship of God in Jerusalem. Elijah and Elisha themselves were prophets in Israel, the northern tribes, inContinue reading “Can You Stand as a Prophetic Witness?”

Where is the God of Elijah?

Elisha asks this question as he comes back to the Jordan after witnessing Elijah being taken to heaven. He has the mantle of Elijah and he has asked for the firstborn’s inheritance: a double portion. He cries out, “Where is the God of Elijah?” and strikes the water. The Jordan parts again. As I readContinue reading “Where is the God of Elijah?”

Sniveling, Spoiled, Rich Ruler

For all the admiration I have for Elijah in the story of 1 Kings, the one guy who drives me nuts is Ahab. He does nothing for his people, lives only for himself, and has a wife whose name represents evil personified in some Christian circles. (“She’s such a Jezebel.” Or, “This place has aContinue reading “Sniveling, Spoiled, Rich Ruler”

Burn the Plows

There are those moments. Times when something stirs in your heart. Windows of time when you know there is a decision to be made. But the question is too stark. It’s not a gradual question. It’s a¬†hard¬†question. “Are you¬†all in,¬†or not?” Something like that. Those moments come. They come when God is ready, and heContinue reading “Burn the Plows”

It is time for boldness

We need bold prayers again. We need to shake off the spiritual lethargy of our American Christianity and cry out for the reality of the Kingdom of God. We need the transformation Paul talks about in Romans 12:1-2. This week we need to have our lives laid before the Holy One in examination. As ElijahContinue reading “It is time for boldness”