Where Now is the God of Elijah?

There is a quote that was famous in a couple of movies I’ve seen over the years. Turns out it’s from a book on “spirituality” by Marianne Williamson. The full quote is HERE.

I am not trying to promote books like that, but the quote has one line that needs to be embedded in my own thinking:

Your playing small does not serve the world.

“Small” playing doesn’t serve the Kingdom of God, either.

We are going through 2 Kings this morning at church and I’ve been captivated by 2 Kings 2. Elisha stands at the Jordan with the mantle of Elijah. Elijah is gone. It’s now up to Elisha to understand this is HIS moment. And he grabs it. 

He never lives under the shadow of Elijah. He never really reflects on, “Well, back in the day when I served under Elijah…”

If he “played small,” he would not have served the Kingdom of God… or Israel… so powerfully. Now, Israel wasn’t very grateful for Elisha’s boldness, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t serve them boldly.

Today must be different. Every day after today must be different. Playing “small” doesn’t serve anyone.


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