Living transformed lives

Today’s reading for MULTIPLY discipleship is Romans 12. This passage fits perfectly following a very powerful day at our church. We had a great missions service in the morning with a packed out house. It’s Missions Emphasis, so it’s always exciting to hear what God is doing in the toughest places of the world. WeContinue reading “Living transformed lives”

Apprehended by Christ

I’ve been home a week and have hit the ground running. It’s left me little time to reflect on the Ethiopia trip, as I had to dive right back into teaching here, getting up to speed on our church property and how the marketing of the property is progressing, etc. Preparing for Sunday, I’ve slowedContinue reading “Apprehended by Christ”

A joyous Sunday in an Ethiopian church

It’s hard to believe that I am more than halfway through my stay in this amazing city. Today was the joy of preaching a new church in the south area of Addis. They meet in a tent and it is a hopping church! The church in Ethiopia (non-Orthodox) is not very old because communism leftContinue reading “A joyous Sunday in an Ethiopian church”