Living Dead isn’t just for young adults

I was in a pastors meeting today being introduced to a missionary with an incredible story. He and his wife are giving their lives to missions work in Asia. Both were previously married, their children are adults, they weren’t saved until just a few years ago, but in that time they kept in motion whenContinue reading “Living Dead isn’t just for young adults”

Even the enemy makes tactical errors

We have spent the past week in a new level of intercessory prayer, and it is a call to an ongoing battle. A missionary friend was struck down by an illness last Monday and was in a coma most of the week. Doctors scrambled to diagnose the issue, but an ever widening circle of friendsContinue reading “Even the enemy makes tactical errors”

The Beauty and Ugliness of Cities

In our trip to the Tenderloin in San Francisco, the beauty and ugliness of a city hits you in the face quickly. Living in Minneapolis, I realize this as well. Every city has its “gorgeous” side that shows up on TV during “game day.” New Orleans is like this. TV crews at the Super BowlContinue reading “The Beauty and Ugliness of Cities”

San Francisco, the Tenderloin, and the Supreme Court

We were in San Francisco the same week as the Supreme Court made two key rulings on gay marriage. Several people set me texts or messages asking how things were going in light of that decision. Some of the messages I didn’t get for a little while because we had lousy cell reception in theContinue reading “San Francisco, the Tenderloin, and the Supreme Court”

Scariest Thought About the Tenderloin

As we leave San Francisco, we have joy in our hearts. God is doing such an amazing work in the Tenderloin district through wonderful ministries like City Impact. Here is the scariest thought, though. What would this place look like WITHOUT the salt and light of the Church? It’s rough now. It’s a bit scaryContinue reading “Scariest Thought About the Tenderloin”