Thoughts from Ethiopia

The first week is finished at Addis Abeba Bible College where I am teaching a two week course on Wisdom Literature.

There are two other American pastors on this trip and one Ethiopian pastor who lives in Dallas. Each are teaching their assigned subjects for these two weeks as well. 

Teaching takes up 4 hours each day, along with chapel. I preached in one chapel service this past week and then one next week.

There are two quick stories I think of when I think of being here, those who invested in me being here, my church, and what ministry is about.

First, there was a young man named Dersu on my last trip who was in my Gospel of John class. When class was over for that session, the Lord led me to give him the Bible I was using on that trip. There was a special anointing on the young man and when I gave it to him, the Lord had me prayer blessing over his life. Now, two years later, he is an administrator in the college and preparing for his Master’s degree work. He still has that Bible and talks all the time about his calling and that moment in his life.

Then, two years ago I preached on Sunday at a church in Muslim area. Pastor Woyesa was the pastor and he actually translated my message into Amharic as I preached that day. He met me for lunch this week and we talked about ministry. At one point, he spoke blessing over me. “When you teach two weeks here, you aren’t just teaching 20 students. You are teaching the nations. These students will go out to many places and because of your teaching, they will impact many cultures.”

Seeing the fruit of ministry in a place like this, and praying for the multiplication of ministry beyond these two weeks, I have deep gratitude. For you who have given, for you who are praying, for those in my church graciously allowing me to be here for this two week session… THANK YOU. It’s not just me investing in the nations… it is YOU.

God is doing a good thing in this country. Please pray. There is a lot of instability around and that has impacted these students. They need the Lord’s protection and this country needs stability, especially in these times.

Let us impact NATIONS.

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