The so-called wall of separation between church and state

Dallas Willard crushes the “wall of separation” argument when it comes to the First Amendment. The First Amendment is about something Congress (and, as interpreted by the the Supreme Court and state governments) cannot do. It is not about what Christian should not do. We now live under the influence of a gigantic myth about a “wall of separation”Continue reading “The so-called wall of separation between church and state”

What is Freedom?

I am working my way through The Diving Conspiracy Continued by Dallas Willard and Gary Black, Jr. It is a continuation of Willard’s work, but moving into the realm of society. He has a chapter called “Economics and Politics” and describes the difficulty of even defining the word “freedom.” 1. I am “free” only if no oneContinue reading “What is Freedom?”

The when and where of the Kingdom of God

An extension of the interview with Gary Black, Jr., over at BibleGateway included this blurb from his just released book: What is important to understand here is that there is no “then” or “when” to the kingdom of God. This reign is a current, progressing, maturing reality, which means Jesus rules today. Jesus is theContinue reading “The when and where of the Kingdom of God”

The Divine Conspiracy Continued

Gary Black, Jr. has co-authored a continuation of The Divine Conspiracy with Dallas Willard, finishing it off after the passing of Dallas. Biblegateway has this interview with Gary Black, Jr. The new book is now out. I hope to have it in the near future. Explaining the title and what “conspiracy” means, Black had this to say:Continue reading “The Divine Conspiracy Continued”

Being DONE With Living Like a Christian?

This post intrigued me. What intrigued me more was he quoted Dallas Willard. I think it strikes at the heart of what Willard is saying in The Divine Conspiracy. We need our spiritual DNA changed. Too often we are trying to DO things and the core of who we are remains the same. We’re tapingContinue reading “Being DONE With Living Like a Christian?”

The Ravishing Beauty of Jesus

In Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy the point of the Sermon on the Mount, the point of Jesus’ life, is to call us to apprenticeship. The call is to intentional discipleship. It needs to be a high priority in the life of the Church. You lead people to become disciples of Jesus by ravishing them withContinue reading “The Ravishing Beauty of Jesus”

The Intentionality of Discipleship

Dallas Willard in The Divine Conspiracy puts it this way: Our focus as the Church needs to be on intentionally making disciples. Instead, we focus intentionally on making converts. Our goal, as the Church, should be to intentionally make disciples and let converts “happen.” Right now our focus is on making converts and hoping disciples “happen.”Continue reading “The Intentionality of Discipleship”

We Do Not Drift Into Discipleship

Following Christ is to be intentional. It is not something we accidentally find. Dallas Willard breaks it down in The Divine Conspiracy. 1. We ASK. The nature of the Kingdom is to ASK. We ASK to be his disciple. We consider the costs. That includes the costs of following Jesus, and the costs for NOTContinue reading “We Do Not Drift Into Discipleship”