Review: The NIV Study Bible

My big confession: I have never been a fan of study Bibles. I have always wanted Bibles with significant margins so I can put in my own notes. With the coming of digital Bibles and resources, I have utilized the marking tools and notetaking tools of Logos to build my own system. When I studyContinue reading “Review: The NIV Study Bible”

Diving into Scripture as community

Continuing off this interview, this is a thought about reading the Bible as community. What can churches do to encourage deeper engagement with Scripture? Simply facilitate a more communal Bible reading experience. It’s amazing what happens when people get together, and instead of studying right away, they just experience the Bible in big readings and sharedContinue reading “Diving into Scripture as community”

Resolved for 2015: Living a life of repentance

Two words the Lord gave me for our church and for my own life going into 2015: 1. Transformation 2. Multiplication Transformation is best summed up in these words of Jesus (from the Common English Bible): 17 From that time Jesus began to announce, “Change your hearts and lives! Here comes the kingdom of heaven!” (Matt. 4:17)Continue reading “Resolved for 2015: Living a life of repentance”

A new Bible publishing venture

It’s not about a new translation… thank God! It’s about a new venture to try and appeal to the DESIGN of the Bible. How it looks and reads compared to other novels and books we put in our hands. It’s also about an appeal to excellence in publishing once again. It’s a Kickstarter phenom right now,Continue reading “A new Bible publishing venture”

Paper or… digital?

A recent BibleGateway poll found that people still like taking a physical Bible to church. Overwhelmingly. I haven’t found that percentage to be SO high in our church. There are a good number of people using their phones or tablets now. But we still have a majority using physical Bibles. While I am getting moreContinue reading “Paper or… digital?”

Clarity and accuracy in translation are helpful

Over the years I have done a very bad thing in the eyes of scholars. I have drifted more toward translations that work to make the text more readable. For ESV, NASB, NRSV, and RSV lovers… I am a heretic. For KJV only people, I’ve been apostate for years. I still use “word for word”Continue reading “Clarity and accuracy in translation are helpful”

Bible Reading and Bible Living

A new Barna poll is out regarding “Bible Minded Cities.” My own metropolitan area (the Twin Cities) ranks 81. That’s not very high, if you’re keeping score. In Lutheran land, where people don’t actually carry Bibles because they’re in the pews at church, is this really “surprising?” What is the great mystery, of course, isContinue reading “Bible Reading and Bible Living”