The Common English Bible — A Year Later

Last Advent season I was part of the blogger series for the Common English Bible. They extended their blogging series through Lent, then to Pentecost, so I spent many months using the Common English Bible along with the NIV2011 in my teaching and preaching. Once the blogging event was over last spring, I still foundContinue reading “The Common English Bible — A Year Later”

Verse of the Day, or Why I Like the Deuterocanonical Books

Reading through the Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible (which Protestants, especially Pentecostals aren’t “supposed” to read) really provides some insight. “When people are dead,  they inherit maggots, vermin, and worms.” (Sirach 10:11, CEB) That was in yesterday’s reading. Today’s reading offers some other nice tidbits: “Don’t praise people for their beautiful looks, and don’t despiseContinue reading “Verse of the Day, or Why I Like the Deuterocanonical Books”

Free Downloads of the Common English Bible!

Go to THIS LINK and find out how to download the entire Common English Bible on June 6 or 7 for free. I have blogged on this new translation for several months. It is a refreshing translation that I have found to be great to read. If you have an e-reader, take this opportunity. More aboutContinue reading “Free Downloads of the Common English Bible!”

Common English Bible and the NIV — Long Term Strategies

I’ve probably shared this video before, but it deals with the CEB’s use of “Human One.” As I continue to use both the CEB and the NIV, I continue to think about how fast we think we need to change up translations. One interview I heard with a CEB official was a bit disappointing, butContinue reading “Common English Bible and the NIV — Long Term Strategies”

Can You Say THAT in the Bible?

Here’s a good verse in the Apocrypha, which is probably why it’s not in the Protestant Bible. 😉 People who are afraid to act  are like clumps of cow manure;     those who pick it up     will shake off their hand. (Sirach 22:2, CEB) A good mental picture that is hard to forget. Learn to get moving!Continue reading “Can You Say THAT in the Bible?”

Nuggets of Wisdom We Miss When We Avoid the Apocrypha

The Common English Bible is incredibly helpful to me when reading the Deuterocanonical Books. The fresh translation helps me with unfamiliar territory. This is the place where I understand more fully the need for “dynamic equivalent” translations for people unfamiliar with the biblical text. Smoother language draws us in. The beauty of the Common EnglishContinue reading “Nuggets of Wisdom We Miss When We Avoid the Apocrypha”