Resolved for 2015: Living a life of repentance

Two words the Lord gave me for our church and for my own life going into 2015:

1. Transformation

2. Multiplication

Transformation is best summed up in these words of Jesus (from the Common English Bible):

17 From that time Jesus began to announce, “Change your hearts and lives! Here comes the kingdom of heaven!” (Matt. 4:17)

It is about changing our hearts and lives. Kingdom living and thinking is just not on the same level as the junk of this world. The picture I have in my own mind for 2015 is going up to a table FULL of junk… just piled high with stuff that doesn’t get dealt with over time… and shoving it off the table. All of it. Don’t even try to sort it. Dump it off, take it to the trash, and start new.

Now, let the King arrange that table.

It is time to change our way of thinking. The Master Teacher will bring in new application, new ideas, and the power to get it done. But we have to shove the junk of this world’s thinking out.

There were three things the Lord gave me that I will do immediately to symbolize shoving off the junk in my life. They must be done quickly and without mercy. They are only symbols for me, but still powerful.

The other challenge is an “easy” one for me, but I will enter it because I want to challenge others. It is the #Biblefor21 challenge from YouVersion Bible. I will pledge to read and Tweet Bible passages every day for the first 21 days of January. I want to be ROOTED in the written Word! I may not Tweet a particular passage from one of their plans, but I will be going through my daily reading and sharing along the way. Join me!

It is time to live a life of repentance. It’s not a one time action. It is a constant action to allow the King to keep setting the table.

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