The engine for 2015

As I looked ahead this past week to 2015 and went through some good questions that help set up the next part of my journey, the one thing that kept showing up was the deep need for fasting and prayer. The engine to drive all that lies before me in 2015 is fasting and prayer. The engine. The fuel. All that God has for me in this year is propelled by a deeper journey in fasting and prayer.

This next year needs to see a re-establishment of the discipline of fasting in my life. Regular fasting. Extended fasting. The huge shifts that are summed up in the two words God gave me (TRANSFORMATION and MULTIPLICATION) are going to be driven by fasting and prayer. There is no other way.

Fasting teaches us dependence on God alone. We fast because God calls us to it.

It is not a matter of IF you fast… but WHEN you fast (Matt. 6:16).

Teach me anew, O Lord!

One thought on “The engine for 2015

  1. Fasting needs to be done right. I fasted for 40 days because I needed to find answers for my future. It wasn’t easy, but MAN did I get close to the living God. Can I hear an “amen?”
    People like you need to do a series about how to do it right. You know what I mean? God calls the fast its not a fad.

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