What is a spiritual practice?

Too often a “spiritual practice” may be assumed to be something “private” or “personal.” This was not the view of OT Israel, or God’s covenant. John Goldingay has an interesting insight: People in Jerusalem were particularly interested in the spiritual practice of fasting and were puzzled as to why it didn’t work. It’s obvious whyContinue reading “What is a spiritual practice?”

Regaining the power of the Church

The rebukes of Jesus to his disciples constantly challenge me. I am especially challenged when he points out their “little faith” or “no faith.” In Matthew 17, after Jesus has come down from the transfiguration event, the disciples have been confronted with a situation they can’t handle. The trouble they have is they experienced theContinue reading “Regaining the power of the Church”

What I’ve been missing on social media

To this point I’ve done somewhat well on “fasting” from social media. But it doesn’t mean I still don’t catch “what’s hot,” because even the “news” has to report it. I only read the headlines because I just don’t get it. Something about a dress. I may never go back to social media again. 🙂