There are certain actions in the Kingdom

Some text notes from my studies on the Sermon on the Mount:

My reading has taken me through Matthew 5-7, so this time through I am asking the Spirit to bring out certain elements I’ve learned over the years. This is the place where we have the clearest teaching on the Kingdom of God put together in Scripture. It is important to pay attention to this passage!

In Matthew 6 Jesus starts off when 3 “when” statements. Not “IF” statements.

WHEN you give.

WHEN you pray.

WHEN you fast.

Some notes I made over the years:

We need to understand our motives. We need to work in a way that is KINGDOM driven and not EGO driven.

The discipline of giving should bring us to a place where we learn to look to the needs of others first and then find our needs met by our Father in heaven.

And this:

Our God isn’t about babbling so you get his attention… hopefully.

He is about RELATIONSHIP. We ADORE him, so we come to him.

We ASK him about his kingdom’s will… then we LISTEN for his kingdom’s agenda.

Our walk with Christ should SHINE, of course. But it should shine because of Christ in us, not because we’re clamoring for the applause of others.

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