The joy of giving

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus did not say, “IF you give…” He said, “WHEN you give…” We can hassle over tithe or some mandatory number, like 10%. But, why? The point is GIVING. Why give at all? Giving is a bold statement, which is why I try to push myself past an arbitraryContinue reading “The joy of giving”

Understanding the Discipline of Giving

1 “Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven. 2 When you give to someone in need, don’t do as the hypocrites do- blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! IContinue reading “Understanding the Discipline of Giving”

Paying attention where we give

Too often we are ready to give emotionally off an appeal and we don’t often think about just how much money actually gets to the need. This story chronicles 50 really low percentage charities. Low percentage would be the amount of money they pay to solicitors and how much of the money raised actually getsContinue reading “Paying attention where we give”

Holding back what is best

1 Samuel 15 Saul was commanded to take out the Amalekites and give ALL over to sacrifice. They were to keep nothing for themselves. Everything needed to be destroyed. Instead, they kept out the best spoils for themselves and burned the rest. Saul’s downfall was disobedience as a leader. He was commanded by God toContinue reading “Holding back what is best”

Best Christmas Present EVER

The past few years I have been so abundantly blessed in my own life. When Christmas rolls around I realize I need nothing. I have my family. My teaching and ministry are so deeply satisfying. I have incredible friends. Outside of more coffee and another book, what could I want or need? In the past coupleContinue reading “Best Christmas Present EVER”

Where Greatness Dwells

Mark 12 gives a contrast in true greatness. There is the greatness we aspire to (even if we may not admit it at times). For the Jews in that day there was an admiration for the religious leaders. They had places of position. They had esteem. They looked smart. But all that glitters is not gold.Continue reading “Where Greatness Dwells”