Review: The NIV Study Bible

My big confession: I have never been a fan of study Bibles.

I have always wanted Bibles with significant margins so I can put in my own notes. With the coming of digital Bibles and resources, I have utilized the marking tools and notetaking tools of Logos to build my own system. When I study the Bible, I want to study the Bible and I have always felt the notes in any study Bible are so limiting because we may only read them and not dive deeper.

When I was given the chance to review the NIV Study Bible (fully revised and updated) I took the opportunity. I received a free review copy from Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, where I am a member. Getting free stuff is nice. (Also, I am not obligated to give a positive review, which is necessary to write for the lawyers.)

When the NIV first came out, their first study Bible followed soon after. I remember a little about it. But back then (35 years ago) most of the aids were black and white (if not all of them).

This new edition is bursting with color.

You can see it on the page edges!

On the maps that are placed right in the text:

And full color pictures throughout the Bible:

The notes attached to the text are thorough. The introductions for each book of the Bible are more in-depth than I’ve seen in a long time. For folks who don’t have other tools available to them, the notes and introductions provide a LOT of study material to get into the text of the Scripture.

There is historical background information, cultural background information, topical notes in particular areas, all leading to a very full experience of reading the Bible. The team of evangelical scholars who put this edition together thought of a very thorough experience. It is not that you wouldn’t want or need other resources, but if you needed a good start, this edition will get you going!

The size, of course, is huge. It’s not going to travel easily. But for study at the table or at a desk, it is marvelous. This would be a great addition to your reading and study.

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