Engaging the Written Word Again

I have been fascinated with more “reader’s format” editions of printed Bibles. Bibles that forego the chapter and verse divisions. 

Bibliotheca Kickstarter produced the first foray into a reader’s edition that is multi-volume, well constructed, and printed without chapters and verses. No cross-references. No double columns.

There are now more well constructed one-volume Bibles as well, such as a new product from the ESV. 

Now, the NIV has produced a multi-volume work that also changes the order of book presentation.

There are so many ways to engage the Scripture! And the more ways there are to engage the Word, the less literate we become!

I purchased the Bibliotheca project on Kickstarter and waited years for it to get produced. I’m almost afraid to touch it. Yet, one possible goal for the new year is to simply read the Word using this tool so I can engage the story once again. My struggle? Now marking it up!


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