The challenge of American Christianity is abundance. We have to fake issues to “feel” oppressed and somehow that motivates us to follow Christ. Our challenge is our abundance. The first sign of something that doesn’t agree with our personal theology, and we give up on God. 

This is not the case of the New Testament church. In suffering they still worshiped. In prison, they sang songs. In exile, they looked to God and received visions.

The witness of John in Revelation was that even on a prison island when the Lord’s day came around he was worshiping. The witness of Daniel under a stupid Persian law was that at the time of prayer, he still opened his windows to Jerusalem and knelt in prayer.

In Advent, we need our lives examined. Revelation should examine us hard. Instead of looking for the mark of the beast this time, why not look to heaven? John did. And even in harsh circumstances, his testimony was still, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day.”

Lord, I am soft. I live in a soft culture. We think we can’t say “Merry Christmas” and somehow that is not only a lie but a deception to make us feel better about some nonexistent persecution. Forgive us, Lord. Forgive me, Lord. I let my circumstances dictate my worship far too often. In everything that comes my way, let me be found worshiping you! Amen.



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