Our God is in heaven;
he does whatever pleases him. (Ps. 115:3, NIV)

When I was in college I remember the story of a local pastor who taught part-time at the college as well. He was doing life well and thoroughly enjoying his ministry. Over time he sensed the Lord stirring him. Another church called him and asked if he would consider being their pastor. He turned them down twice. The third time they called the Spirit challenged him.

Was he really listening for what God wanted? 

He reluctantly went to interview at the church. He preached at the church, bragging about his church back in Minneapolis the whole time. They voted him to be their next pastor.

He preached a message based on the above verse. He was dealing with God being God.

This is not my exact situation. No one came calling when the Lord dealt with me about leaving my church. But I do know this verse intimately in these weeks. God is being God. He is doing what is pleasing to him… and coincidentally, what pleases him does not mean my harm.

He is working to accomplish something significant for his Kingdom. What is ahead for Heights Church and what is ahead for me is good.

I do know that as I prepare my last four sermons at Heights Church, I continue to prepare for what is next. As I wait on him for some sense of direction at this point, I do know some things he is already beginning to work in me.

I have to let God be God. I have to allow his work to be completed. That isn’t comfortable right now. Prying away something I have loved so deeply for so many years isn’t pleasant work.

Yet, I trust him to do HIS work. And his work is good.

Lord, I know you are good. Your work is good. Right now, your work is painful. There will continue to be some pain to this process. Yet, I radically trust your leading. My call is to follow. Remind me that you are indeed the Potter. I am the clay. Mold me this day. Amen. 


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