Podcast: Women in ministry

I have a new podcast episode up HERE.

In this “season” I am exploring two areas where we struggle as culturalized Christians: women and race. This episode deals with women in ministry.

In the Anglican context, where I am currently, it’s an ongoing debate. My particular diocese is committed to ordaining women as priests. In that I rejoice. But, the issue is still a tension point and one that I admire this group for discussing with generosity toward each other. THIS POST deals with how Anglicans are treating each other in the debate. I don’t agree with this particular viewpoint, but it demonstrates the discussion.

The Southern Baptist Convention is at a whole other level of conflict when it comes to women in ministry. THIS POST gives some context and lifts up women who have served in ministry in their history.

As always, I would welcome feedback. (One day it will come.) Oh… and tell your friends!

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