Podcasts for conspiracy theorists and more

Some time in the last few days my wife and I finished re-watching “Person of Interest” on Netflix. That helped fuel my anxiety for conspiracy theories, which hit fast and furious the next two days.

One podcast from the New York Times tells the story of a face recognition app and the mysterious CEO and what this app means for law enforcement.

Then another podcast from the Washington Post gave the story of an encryption software company that had their machines and software sold all over the world… only to find out the company was owned by the CIA.

So, I’m creeped out at a new level.

“You are being watched…”

Want to mess with the electoral college and representation in Congress? How about adding 127 states to the Union? Malcolm Gladwell and Noah Feldman mix it up on the Constitution, Canada, and elitist education on this fun podcast.

But another podcast I heard this week is also well worth the listen. “Pass the Mic” features two young black Christian leaders who discuss the gospel and being black in America. This episode discusses justice and what that looks like on a daily level. It was great to hear this conversation.

Pass along your favorite podcasts. I’m always up for listening to new things if they interest me.

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