Significant ministry moments

I need to brag on my church. This week has been significant for us and I am so deeply thankful. There is also a moment where there is a sense of celebration, and this moment being a time when we can celebrate and get ready for some BIG things ahead. I reflect on this week […]

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Moving forward

For my denomination it seems so long compared to other groups, but we’re making some nice steps. For our own (small) church we are seeing two women go through the ordination process. I am excited for the ground they are helping to break. I am thankful they are ministers with me in our church. We […]

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Both/And, Part 2

Both-And: Living the Christ-Centered Life in an Either-Or World by Rich Nathan and Insoo Kim has been a refreshing read. It leaves me challenged. Nathan takes on the really hard things we just don’t like to talk about. He discusses reaching out to and loving the homosexual community. There is something for everyone there to […]

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And the Action, Dr. Kirk?

Daniel Kirk likes to use the bully pulpit of his professorship to tell us pastors how to put things into action. It’s the benefits of academia. And he takes full advantage of it. So his latest rant is a good one, yet leaves me asking: Okay, Mr. Kirk, as a¬†seminary professor, what does that mean¬†for […]

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