Another podcast is finally up

I have been pondering the issues of race and women in ministry lately and have started to podcast again. Life got a bit busy in January, so here is my second episode. You can click on the Podcast button on the side menu of this page as well to see all episodes as they comeContinue reading “Another podcast is finally up”

2 places where my voice will be raised

There are a couple of areas becoming clear where I will do a bit more writing and start back in podcasting for 2020. I will continue to lend my voice, small as it is, to supporting women in ministry. Leadership. Not just ordaining. Leadership. I will continue to lend my voice, small as it is,Continue reading “2 places where my voice will be raised”

Both/And, Part 2

Both-And: Living the Christ-Centered Life in an Either-Or World by Rich Nathan and Insoo Kim has been a refreshing read. It leaves me challenged. Nathan takes on the really hard things we just don’t like to talk about. He discusses reaching out to and loving the homosexual community. There is something for everyone there toContinue reading “Both/And, Part 2”

International Women’s Day… Plus One

I hope this is a month long opportunity, since I’m fairly sure I missed the “official” day. (When do guys remember anything correctly when it comes to women, right?) At any rate, as I took a post to celebrate two great black preachers (William J Seymour and Martin Luther King, Jr.), I want to giveContinue reading “International Women’s Day… Plus One”

And the Action, Dr. Kirk?

Daniel Kirk likes to use the bully pulpit of his professorship to tell us pastors how to put things into action. It’s the benefits of academia. And he takes full advantage of it. So his latest rant is a good one, yet leaves me asking: Okay, Mr. Kirk, as a seminary professor, what does that mean forContinue reading “And the Action, Dr. Kirk?”