Worth Your Time

I try to note what I’m reading or listening to personally, so I will try, from time to time, to share links to what is inspiring/challenging me. I keep coming back to Tish Harrison Warren and David French because week after week they write things that are continually worth reading to me. I subscribe toContinue reading “Worth Your Time”

What has saved my sanity in many ways the past few years

A few years ago I found Phil Vischer doing a podcast. (Vischer was a co-founder of VeggieTales, which our boys grew up on and we consumed even after the boys were long gone.) He was chatting with Skye Jethani and Christian Taylor about what was happening to the evangelical world they thought they knew. ItContinue reading “What has saved my sanity in many ways the past few years”

The joy of studying Scriptures

I was able to have a conversation with one of my mentors in ministry this week because I learned from him the joy of studying Scriptures. Dr. Don Meyer’s class on Bible Study Methods was a seminal moment for me in my life and my lifelong love for Scriptures. You can listen to the podcastContinue reading “The joy of studying Scriptures”

Dealing with Q Anon and Those Involved

This series has been challenging. It’s about history and current events. It’s about heresy and finding ways to love others. It is not easy stuff to deal with, but it is necessary stuff. This particular episode begins with the background of where Christianity fell first into nationalism and the inherent dangers ever since that time.Continue reading “Dealing with Q Anon and Those Involved”