Podcasts worth your time

Two series of podcasts are coming out now that are worth your time to reflect on just how we get where we are in evangelical Christianity in America, especially in the white conservative church.

The first one is a series from the HolyPost Podcast, so you listen to that one just for the value of the intro music! It’s a series with Dr. Kristen Kobes Du Mez on her book Jesus and John Wayne. This series will look into the near history in regards to how white evangelicals have veered so strongly into fear as a motivator in their Christian and political lives.

The second is from Christianity Today and reviews the demise of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. This is a hard series to take in because it really introduces this “take no prisoners” mentality that Driscoll had in his ministry and how that is still around today even though Mars Hill disintegrated.

These are important series that need to be used to evaluate where we ARE as believers and what we should look to when it comes to a way forward as American Christians.

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

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