The bogeyman of CRT

A few weeks ago I was in a meeting about race and racism and someone stood up and began by butchering even the letters “CRT.” He jumbled around for a bit, then I finally blurted out, “Critical. Race. Theory.” He then said, “Yeah THAT! Well, I don’t much about that but…” I should have jumpedContinue reading “The bogeyman of CRT”

What has saved my sanity in many ways the past few years

A few years ago I found Phil Vischer doing a podcast. (Vischer was a co-founder of VeggieTales, which our boys grew up on and we consumed even after the boys were long gone.) He was chatting with Skye Jethani and Christian Taylor about what was happening to the evangelical world they thought they knew. ItContinue reading “What has saved my sanity in many ways the past few years”

Hacking our way to clarity

The second half of this Holy Post Podcast has an interview with Philip Yancey. They feature his latest book, which is his memoir. Yancey has been a challenging voice for me for decades. (His interview comes around 49 minutes in.) With our current struggle with terminology like “deconstruction”, Yancey represents the understanding that some formContinue reading “Hacking our way to clarity”

Narcissism and church leadership

Power in the Church is so corrosive, and those effects are being played out constantly in front of the world in our American protestant churches. This interview with Skye Jethani and Scot McKnight is sobering. The interview starts around the 40 minute mark. As I work my way through the end of Galatians 5 andContinue reading “Narcissism and church leadership”