Hacking our way to clarity

The second half of this Holy Post Podcast has an interview with Philip Yancey. They feature his latest book, which is his memoir. Yancey has been a challenging voice for me for decades. (His interview comes around 49 minutes in.) With our current struggle with terminology like “deconstruction”, Yancey represents the understanding that some form of deconstruction happens in every generation. I think you will love his thoughts on the three things that brought him back to faith.

The other illustration he had in his own life was a vision of being in the jungle and knowing he was close to the ocean. He needed to get to the ocean, but he couldn’t see it. He hacked away at the jungle, making his own path. Finally, he came to a view that showed him the ocean. He rejoiced that he had found the ocean. He turned around and looked back and noticed something else. The path he had made was now being filled with people also looking for the ocean and they had found his path and followed.

It’s a beautiful thought, and quite encouraging. I certainly have felt that way. I have felt at times I had followed someone else’s path to find the beauty of Christ. At other times, I have had to hack my own way through a lot of underbrush to get at the view I needed.

We are all pilgrims. We are all making our way. May we find the ocean and rejoice.

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