Overcoming political ideologies BECAUSE Jesus is Lord

N.T. Wright poses this question: “What would happen if we were to take seriously our stated belief that Jesus Christ is already the Lord of the world and that at his name, one day, every knee would bow?”

For one, it would free of political ideologies and world system ideologies that create new fundamentalism on both ends of the spectrum. We wouldn’t be relying on political parties or systems in whole cloth to be our end all solutions.

“…confessing Jesus as the ascended and coming Lord frees us up from needing to pretend that this or that program or leader has the key to utopia (if only we would elect him or her). Equally, it frees up our corporate life from despair that comes when we realize that once again our political systems let us down.” (Surprised by Hope, p. 144)

Surprised By Hope: Rethinking Heaven, The Resurrection, and The Mission of  the Church: N.T. Wright: 9780061551826 - Christianbook.com

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