Reason #18 why I’m glad I’ve become Anglican

In this journey along the Canterbury Trail I’ve thought of so many reasons why the Lord has led me to this place.

In the Anglican Church in North America they have released a brand new Book of Common Prayer, based on the 1662 book. I had an old 1979 copy and, of course, had no idea how to utilize it for years. With this book, I am learning daily.

So, reason #18 why I’m glad I’ve become Anglican… and you should be as well.


It’s not that I didn’t pray. I have always loved prayer. But the DAILY prayer keeps me grounded. A day like today was necessary. My Bible reading has me in deep grief as I contemplate the injustices of this world, our nation, and the blindness of the American Church. The morning prayers keep me grounded.

While there are Psalms I read this morning that had me praying one direction for our nation’s leaders (and other world leaders), the morning prayer always bring me back to the OTHER direction I need to pray as well.

So, for all you who silently (or loudly) ask me, “Do you PRAY for this president?” (and we know you mean, “Why don’t you AGREE with this president”, but I’m going to go with your words…), I need you to know you SHOULD be glad I’ve become Anglican. Because my answer is YES, I pray for this president.

As an Anglican in worship every Sunday, our prayers of the people will include our nation’s leaders. And every morning there is this couplet in prayer:

“O Lord, guide those who govern us:
And lead us in the way of justice and truth.

I am grateful the discipline of prayer the Book of Common Prayer cultivates in my life. It keeps me grounded. When I pray imprecatory prayers from the Psalms, I am still called back to prayers for leaders because that is the call of our Lord.

These are days my soul rages. These are also days I reach down deep and ask the Spirit to call me again into the presence of the Lord. I am free to pray prayers of complaint. And I am reminded to intercede gratefully as well.

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