A generational reset

I have some blocks of time to type up my notes for a work I hope to call “Living in Babylon.” A couple of observations.

  1. It’s disappointing how few pages I have typed in compared to the handwritten notes. What in the world am I going to do with that?
  2. I know I have to work hard on this but the content weighs me down consistently. It is a work of weeping.

A couple of quick thoughts currently. I am working on Jeremiah 27-29 and the conclusion I have come to in regards to Israel and the American church is this: God needed to give Israel a generational reset, which is why he sent them off to Babylon. God needs to give the American church a generational reset to get us back to our true prophetic voice. We’re in for a long haul.

What the Lord needs is for us to be IN IT for the long haul.

One thought on “A generational reset

  1. Just hurry up and fix the world…pound those keys!
    LOL Seriously, I know it’s a heavy subject to work on. Just hearing the news weighs me down. Love and prayers for God’s will and words to be written through you.

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