The darkness humanity will not solve

“We can send Christmas cards about love and peace all we want, but the human race is utterly incapable of turning itself around…

“This is what we learn from the story of the annunciation. Natural processes could not have brought the Son of God into being, not even with ‘a touch of divine inspiration.’ It is beyond the capacity of human parents to produce a child who is God. Humankind cannot bring forth a Jesus, any more than it can bring forth true and lasting peace. Only God can do it. Only God will do it. Only God. Mary was just as hopeless as Joseph to make this happen. The human impossibility is overcome by the irresistible power of God.” — Fleming Rutledge, Advent: the Once and Future Coming 
of Jesus Christ

Humanity is incapable of solving our greatest problems. We’re not that good at solving even mildly tough problems, if we’re honest.

In a season where, if we’re truly honest, we sense darkness… isn’t it time to realize that hope is beyond us? Yet, could we not also recognize the possibility that hope is still possible? We just can’t bring it on our own.

We’re in a world of immense instability right now. We’ve thrown into chaos and so much of it is our own making. This is honestly what we’re capable of without Christ.

Isn’t it time to recognize that we alone are incapable of true hope? Isn’t it time to recognize that with Christ we finally see the HOPE of the nations?

“Jesus Christ, the Lord, is our hope. Jesus Christ is our future. Jesus, our Savior, and our God. The little strings of lights in the dark places remain lit, by his grace, in the dark places until he comes again.” (Fleming Rutledge)


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