Face the darkness and see a great light

I am reading an Advent devotional put out by Christianity Today and Rich Villodas reflects on Isaiah 9:1-2 in a powerful way. Villodas pastors in New York City and is a native New Yorker. He admits he’s never been to the 9/11 Memorial. He hasn’t gone because it is a reminder of intense darkness.

The darkness of Advent and communal lament

“Unlike American Christianity, the Bible is not individualistic, but thoroughly social in its orientation. When the Church groans with Isaiah, ‘Thou hast hid they face far from us,’ it speaks as a corporate body with a common lot. If one suffers, all suffer.” — Fleming Rutledge, Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Christ 

Breaking the Heart of God

John 3:16-21 was in our Advent reading for yesterday. What great HOPE… and what great disappointment… can be found in these few verses! There is the great hope of God’s love. He loved this world so much he gave his son. The hope of this world is LIFE in Christ. Jesus’ intention is not to condemn.Continue reading “Breaking the Heart of God”

Nothing Good Happens at 2 a.m.

There was a radio show that ran in the Twin Cities called “Garage Logic.” I think it still runs in a smaller time slot, but the station has been taken over by sports talk and “Garage Logic” has been severely scaled back. The premise of the show was just common sense. One of their favoriteContinue reading “Nothing Good Happens at 2 a.m.”