The devaluing of human life

Usually when it comes to war and use of force, especially use of troops, media sources like The New York Times are fairly pacifist. (Depending on the president in office at the time and their political party, of course.) Generally speaking, many media outlets back off the calling for use of force. But this editorial in TheContinue reading “The devaluing of human life”

Save us from the “Rah Rah” Resurrection

Every year there is some comment, post, article, etc., out there that will wonder why Christians go through the “morbidity” of Lent or “dwell” on the crucifixion. It’s a braggadocious claim about how they live in the resurrection power. Jesus is alive! Jesus IS alive. And the resurrection IS where we dwell. We live in the power of theContinue reading “Save us from the “Rah Rah” Resurrection”

The Root of the Human Condition: We All Want to be God

The root of human failure is the desire to be like God, or be God. We strive to fight off what is already set. We will be crushed if we keep thinking WE are “god.” Yet, we keep trying. A Russian billionaire is funding the next great project: Although James Cameron’s “Avatar” took place moreContinue reading “The Root of the Human Condition: We All Want to be God”