Colliding worldviews

I have finally taken to podcasts. (Which should signal to everyone that podcasts will now NOT be a great medium of communication.)

One of my favorite things to listen to or even read about are legal stories that are incredibly complicated. The “Serial” podcast fits that desire perfectly. I got hooked on Season One. Somehow I didn’t get into Season Two, but Season Three is a great listen.

In Season Three, the host spends months in Cleveland going through the morass of their “justice” system. It’s a look into the complicated world of what we think is “justice.” Episode Four has really captivated me because the sense of “street justice” and “journalistic justice” collide.

The host goes into a story about a baby being killed in a drive-by. One man is arrested and held in jail for a year before he is released and the charges are dropped. The host finds that just about everyone she talks to has an idea of who really shot the baby, but no one is going to talk. It is a classic case of someone growing up in a world that has some sense of “justice” and it collides with a totally different world that has its own compass.

It’s hard to handle. From my point of view, it doesn’t make sense. I can feel the frustration of the host as she desperately tries to get a falsely accused man to realize HER sense of what “just” would be… and he isn’t going there at all.

The “beauty” of the episode is that it isn’t beautiful. It’s ugly. It’s complicated. We have a sense through our upbringing of what “justice” is, but when we collide with another world and THEIR sense of justice isn’t the same, we want to shove our definitions down their throats! We don’t want to WORK very hard to get it done. We just demand that others automatically see it “our way.”

This is something that has no political affiliation. It’s just where our culture resides currently. We have our echo chambers that tell us how the world works… and we LIKE those echo chambers. So, we stay there and when another worldview collides with it… we yell. We scream. We demand.

Podcasts like “Serial” actually help my thinking. This is the odd thought of the day: Podcasts like this don’t frustrate me BECAUSE they frustrate me.

We need more of that tension in our lives.

At any rate, if you might want to move outside your echo chamber for a while, this podcast is worth a listen.

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