We are met by the oncoming Lord

Quite simply, I can’t adequately find a way to give a stronger recommendation for Fleming Rutledge’s book, Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus Christ. It has been refreshing and challenging all at the same time as I’ve learned more about what this season should entail in my life.

We need the hope of Advent. We need to stir within us again the longing for Christ to come. We must move past this hope of Jesus “rapturing me” out of this mess, but long once again for Christ to come as Judge and truly deal with the mess the enemy has made of this world. Again, as HERE, I make an appeal to Pentecostals to please understand Advent better and tie it once again to the HOPE of the return of Christ!

Today, this is a quote of HOPE. Christmas season as a culture brings on a fake nostalgia and we all know how tough the season may be for people dealing with loss. We need to understand HOPE in every season, and Advent is a season to bring in hope where darkness dwells.

“God is on the move toward us, not the other way around. In the very midts of our confusion and incapacity, we are met by the oncoming Lord. In our valley of ashes, we are seized by hope. In the graveyard of dreams, the Holy Spirit breathes life from the dead. In the place where illusions die, the Sun rises upon us, and of his kingdom there will be no end. ” 

Come, Emmanuel. Please come.


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