Oh, the places we’ve been

In 9 days we pack up a moving truck and begin a new phase of our lives. In the last four months, we have been able to see God do incredible things to prepare the way for us.

We’ve also had the incredible opportunity to visit all kinds of churches and see the Body of Christ in worship. While I am still hard on my own tribe (evangelicals) because we’re simply not ready for what is ahead in our culture (and I’m not sure just how many churches are), I am far more positive about the Body of Christ than before. 

We have been to a church that tackled tough issues like racism in their adult education time.

We have been a few times to the church our youngest son and his wife attend. We’ve been challenged every time by the incredible preaching of Dennis Edwards and lifted up by their incredible worship team.

We have been to a dance studio church where the pastor and wife team-teach a bi-lingual service.

There was the crazy weekend when my wife was out of town and I church-binged. I tried a multi-site church on Saturday afternoon. Then, I went to a more traditional Lutheran Church early Sunday morning, followed by a Church of God in Christ late Sunday morning.

And that was January.

The church-binge weekend was a wonderful weekend for me. I am not a multi-site church fan, but when I visited I understood a bit more about the concept. The Lutheran Church visit was returning to a church where my seminary graduation was held. It is a beautiful place and the worship that Sunday was deeply moving. We’ve gone back twice, including a very moving Good Friday service.

The Church of God in Christ was incredible. The pastor invited me back to preach and I was in heaven doing that! But, the Church of God in Christ was also an incredible experience because the pastor is truly a teacher of the Word. He challenged his congregation to look up Scripture and test what he was saying. When I finished my message he quizzed the congregation on the four points I had made! You have to pay attention in that church!

There are many more months to talk about at some other point in time.

The Body of Christ is varied and beautiful. Everywhere we’ve visited we have found people with a heart for worship and a hunger to express the power of Christ in this world in some way. There are challenges ahead, but there is a Body of Christ being made ready to meet those challenges!

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