This deep love for the Church

And he is the head of the body, the church… (Col. 1:18) There are little snippets from Colossians and Ephesians that cause my heart to leap out of my love for the Church. They give me life and hope all over again. While I am hard on what I see in the white conservative AmericanContinue reading “This deep love for the Church”

Church bashing

We may not think much of the Church in our American angst. We complain. We argue. We are always quick to point out what is “wrong” with the Church. Every particular season I will come across dozens of articles about what NOT to preach on a particular Sunday. (“Make sure you avoid these THREE mistakesContinue reading “Church bashing”

Why the CHURCH is so vital

This is a post that won’t make the Huff and Puff Post (aka, the “Huffington Post”). It’s not filled with angst or disillusionment over the “Church.” So, about 3 people will read this. Angst sells. We get so fed up with our tiny little views of “the Church” and think it’s all about what isContinue reading “Why the CHURCH is so vital”

My Great Loves

Happy Valentine’s Day! I confess my great loves today. First is my great love for God. I spent this weekend in a “silent” retreat contemplating Ephesians 1-3. I love Ephesians. For the past 15 plus years of my life it has been bedrock to my life. Once again I was blown away by my God’sContinue reading “My Great Loves”