At war with American idolatry

Last fall I worked through a series called “Living in Babylon.” It was a call to understand the rapidly shifting cultural landscape and then learn how to live like Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, and Esther in Persia. 

Since that failed attempt to alert anyone took place, we’ve pretty much lived out the opposite of what the Lord was directing me to teach.

This column by David Brooks speaks to the idolatry we have in politics. It is worth the read.

He ends with this:

If politics is going to get better we need better myths, unifying ones that are built on social equality. But we also need to put politics in its place. The excessive dependence on politics has to be displaced by the expulsive power of more important dependencies, whether family, friendship, neighborhood, community, faith or basic life creed.

To be a moderate is to be at war with idolatry. It’s to believe that we become free as we multiply and balance our attachments. It’s to believe that our politics probably can’t be fixed by political means. It needs repair of the deeper communal bonds that politics rest on, and which political conflict cannot heal.

I am at war with idolatry.


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