The Door Standing Open in Heaven

Once the visions really start pounding away at John in Revelation, one key thing to look for is the consistent view into heaven.

This is where all the craziness begins. Before the Lord shows John the visions, he shows him what is going on in heaven. It is WORSHIP. It is putting all the attention on the Lamb. It is knowing there is One… and only One who is worthy.

“John, remember this. See this now, because this is what is going on right now in my presence. All the other crazy stuff is prelude. THIS is the ultimate picture.”

There will be key times throughout the book that John will be taken into that presence once again. The reminders are always there. There is ONE who sits on the throne. There is ONE who is worthy. No matter the chaos on this earth… in the tragedy… in the foolishness… there is a greater reality. It is in the worship of ONE.

There is a door standing open. Find that door in worship.

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