The Struggle of Revelation is We Want to KNOW

As we read through Revelation this week, another key passage to reflect on is Daniel 7. The whole book of Daniel would be good, but Daniel 7 really sets a base for how the early Church was hearing what Jesus was saying.

Does it answer any specific questions? No.

It is good to remember this, though: Daniel didn’t get any specific answers, either.

He is watching these beasts and these magnificent scenes unfold before him and he wants to know what each beast means. He is just like us.

But what he is told is to focus on the outcome. Look at the Ancient of Days. Look at the son of man. Look at the kingdom being handed over to the people of God. That doesn’t keep Daniel from asking again what the fourth beast meant.

We all want to KNOW. We want the details.

We would do well to remember this: If God didn’t tell Daniel what those things meant specifically, why does he owe me any further explanation?

Read Revelation focusing on the matters God tells John are important. See if you can get a broader picture.

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