Ruth — Beauty Among the Ashes

The Book of Ruth should be read when you read the Book of Judges. The biggest advantage is realizing that among the blood lust of Judges there is a beautiful story of redemption. Reading Judges will be a tough read. Realize it’s not about the book telling us what is “right.” It is giving usContinue reading “Ruth — Beauty Among the Ashes”

Judges — The Refusal of Obedience

The Book of Judges is far worse than any movie Quentin Tarantino could make. Tarantino has NOTHING on this book and its demented plots. This will be a bloody read for people following our reading journey this summer. That is why we put the Book of Ruth with this one. You really need to readContinue reading “Judges — The Refusal of Obedience”

Book of Joshua — The Call of Allegiance

6 “Be very strong; be careful to obey all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses, without turning aside to the right or to the left. 7 Do not associate with these nations that remain among you; do not invoke the names of their gods or swear by them. You must not serve them or bow down toContinue reading “Book of Joshua — The Call of Allegiance”

When This World Fails

Revelation 18 is an interesting picture. Babylon… the world’s system… that which so many have put their hope in for so long… has fallen. It has been exposed for the corruption at its core. It has been exposed as inadequate, to say the least. The Kingdom of God is revealed as what is lasting andContinue reading “When This World Fails”

The Number of Man and the Mark of the Beast

Sunday we are talking about Revelation. We’ll have all the answers to all the mysteries this Sunday morning! 😉 Just so you know we are really going to make this all easy, here is a link to my friend’s post this week on the Mark of the Beast. All will be revealed this week! ComeContinue reading “The Number of Man and the Mark of the Beast”

Silence in Heaven and the Prayers of the Saints

Revelation 8 gives a break in the first few verses. John’s visions have been utter chaos. The first six seals have unleashed visions of terror. War, famine, economic collapse, natural disasters… and he didn’t even have CNN at the time! Then, he is whisked into a vision of heaven and the incredible worship in RevelationContinue reading “Silence in Heaven and the Prayers of the Saints”

Why Does the Church Suffer?

We don’t suffer in America, or the Western world. Yet, the Church suffers. Revelation is vital to the suffering Church. This is a letter we need to read and understand. It’s not about escape from suffering. It is the understanding of why the Church goes through hard times. It is understanding the presence of Christ in that suffering. Why does theContinue reading “Why Does the Church Suffer?”

The Door Standing Open in Heaven

Once the visions really start pounding away at John in Revelation, one key thing to look for is the consistent view into heaven. This is where all the craziness begins. Before the Lord shows John the visions, he shows him what is going on in heaven. It is WORSHIP. It is putting all the attentionContinue reading “The Door Standing Open in Heaven”