Silence in Heaven and the Prayers of the Saints

Revelation 8 gives a break in the first few verses. John’s visions have been utter chaos. The first six seals have unleashed visions of terror. War, famine, economic collapse, natural disasters… and he didn’t even have CNN at the time!

Then, he is whisked into a vision of heaven and the incredible worship in Revelation 7.

But then… silence.

The seventh seal is broken and silence reigns in heaven for half an hour. Thirty minutes of silence. We can’t stand 30 seconds of silence.

It is the quiet before the next storm.

We then get a picture of intercession and prayer that is astounding. The prayers of the saints are brought before the Lord as incense. When the prayers have accumulated, God responds. And he responds powerfully. 

“Then the angel took the incense container and filled it with fire from the altar. He threw it down to the earth, and there were thunder, voices, lightning, and an earthquake.” (Rev. 8:5, CEB)

I’m just wondering: What happens when I pray? 

The prayers of the saints should move heaven.

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