Bowing to the Beast

Since the Susan G Komen Foundation bowed to the beast of our culture, which is represented in this case by Planned Parenthood, all is well once again in our world.

Here is what we learn: do not poke the bear.

But poke we must.

Christianity Today takes it on here.

Some pointed words:

In all of this, though, we can gain an opportunity to see what the abortion culture is all about: cash. Planned Parenthood and their allies use the thoroughly American language of freedom of choice and women’s empowerment, but what’s at stake, as seen here, are billions of dollars. That’s why, despite their talk about adoption as a “choice,” Planned Parenthood and others hardly ever lead women through an adoption process relative to how often they promise them the “fix” of a “terminated pregnancy.” There’s a profit motive involved in every abortion.

But that Christianity Today. A bunch of bigots. No need to pay attention there.

Then we have a “bigoted” columnist that somehow got a job in the New York Times (probably to show they are “balanced”). He poked the bear as well in THIS COLUMN. (And if you don’t think he poked, read the vicious comments he receives below the column.)

There are a couple of beasts that have been stirred and they are demanding the allegiance of our culture: Money and sex. Mess with those two in our culture in any way and just watch what happens.

But, Komen has bowed once again to the beast. All is well. Don’t speak loudly. Don’t make any sudden movements. And above all: bow down.

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