The culture of LIFE

It’s is incredibly unfortunate that “pro-choice” people are now recycling a quote from Catholic nun Joan Chittister from back in 2004: “I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is aContinue reading “The culture of LIFE”

Culture of death

When I watch people say incredibly threatening things to a dentist who hunts a lion… (which, by the way, would be terroristic threats in some other situations)… and then say NOTHING when videos are shown of Planned Parenthood doctors talking of selling off body parts (or worse, defending the actions as “legal”)… and when IContinue reading “Culture of death”

The gods of our culture and the mark of the beast

I was listening to a teaching on eschatology given at a church camp by one of my favorite all-time teachers. Gordon Anderson has been president of North Central University for many years, but I was privileged to have him as a teacher when I was a student in my undergrad program before his appointment asContinue reading “The gods of our culture and the mark of the beast”

The gods of our culture

NT Wright and Richard Foster both nailed it long ago. Our three biggest gods are money, sex, and power. Try to say something against those three behemoths, and see how quick you get knocked back. It’s not a cultural war. It’s just war. Planned Parenthood doesn’t represent the “rights of women.” They represent the powerContinue reading “The gods of our culture”

Bowing to the Beast

Since the Susan G Komen Foundation bowed to the beast of our culture, which is represented in this case by Planned Parenthood, all is well once again in our world. Here is what we learn: do not poke the bear. But poke we must. Christianity Today takes it on here. Some pointed words: In allContinue reading “Bowing to the Beast”