Being pro-life

I’ve come to a conclusion (a long time ago) that my basic philosophical stance is “I am pro-life.” That chases Democrats away immediately. Republicans think they like it, until I describe just how pro-life I really am. It’s a life ethic I want to live by, and it cuts across every political extreme.

And days like this really get my blood boiling when it comes to my pro-life ethic.

There is THIS.


I wouldn’t have as radical a pro-life ethic as the Pope, but on days like this, I am ready to let it fly. I AM PRO-LIFE. All the way. Womb to tomb. And these stories are angering to me.

We are losing all sense of HUMAN dignity in our culture. No “political party” carries the banner of righteousness on this. And the Church isn’t doing so well, either.

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