Of All Things Google… and other technology nightmares

After feeling left out of the earliest adopter stage of Google Plus, I am now IN. Of course, I have no idea what that means. I’m still waiting on that Google Wave thing to take off, too.

One question posed by Brian at Near Emmuas was if Google really beefed up Blogger, who would go to it, or go back? I started with Blogger and then moved to WordPress. Since I do all things Google, and the tattoo on my forehead now reads “Goog” (I’m still saving up for the last two letters), I’d probably give Blogger another shot. WordPress is pretty set for me, but if Blogger had a good variety of templates and good stats keeper I’d give it another look.

But technology is such a trap. My cell phone (a Blackberry) actually fried yesterday. Fortunately, the calendar and contacts still work, but I’m pretty much in a catatonic state until Tuesday. (These things never break on Monday.) Then, my old reliable Mac desktop is finally on its last leg. Of course, this also comes at a time when I have no way of affording a new machine. My youngest son isn’t so thrilled with THAT prospect!

Technology provides us with conveniences we didn’t know existed ten minutes ago, only to let us down and then we proclaim the end of the world.

I was watching a movie last night that was set in 1976. At one point when the son is trying to race back to the family’s house to warn his dad of something, I thought, “USE YOUR CELL PHONE!” How in the world did we even survive back then?

The love/hate relationship I have with technology will obviously continue… AS LONG AS I GET MY CELL PHONE BACK! 😉

This is NOT my Blackberry

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